10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important to Your Business

10 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Important to Your Business

Pre-digital age or digital age, the content has always led the scene, whether it is a crisp ad copy or an article with a thousand words.

We have time and again heard, said, Content is King. Despite being a king, content cannot spread its aura on its own. It needs a medium to connect with people or businesses. And that medium is known as marketing, yes, content marketing.

Today, content marketing is more valuable than ever. It is one of the most successful campaigns in digital marketing. Behind every brand, you will find useful and relevant content that connects with the audience.

To help understand the significance of content marketing, here are ten reasons why content marketing is essential for your business.

But before that, here is a definition of content marketing. As the best SEO company in India, we define it as a marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a defined audience and drive customer action.

Now, let’s take a look at ten reasons.

  • Help you understand your customers.

Content marketing helps you understand your customers. The analytics data available helps you to strengthen your perception about who is consuming the content. The engagement rates on social media, videos watched, the reading and sharing of blogs provide insights about the customers.

  • Improves brand reputation, builds trust.

The most significant benefit of content marketing is the quality of building brand reputation. Plus, engaging, educational content helps build trust and helps your business establish a reputation.

  • It helps influence conversions.

Increases conversion rates about six times higher than other digital marketing methods. Over 50% of people decide to buy after reading recommendations. It also increases leads, both in quantity and quality. Video content offers high ROI and a significant increase in conversions.

  • It helps in strengthening customer relations.

Compelling content is a great way to engage existing customers, but it is also helpful in attracting prospects. It costs more to build ties with new customers, but each time you deliver engaging content, you help them forge a relationship, decision to buy and build trust.

  • Hunger for great content.

Today’s buyers are smart and crave great, well-planned, and quality content. Users are spending over 15% of their time online, reading content, while 70-75% of them are reading about brands of their interest.

  • Content marketing distinguishes your business from competitors.

Competition among businesses prevails, but it should not stop you from producing compelling content. Content marketing is the right tool to set your business apart from the competition.

  • Optimized content improves SEO efforts.

SEO plays an integral part in improving the visibility of your business online. Thus, the importance of content marketing becomes more evident when you look at the role content plays in helping your business build and improve SEO efforts.

  • It is an affordable, cost-effective tool.

Content marketing is an affordable, cost-effective tool, and it costs about 60% less than traditional marketing options. It generates three times more leads than conventional means.

  • Content enables showcasing your brand’s expertise.

Consumers want to know; they are dealing with experts who have accurate information about the industry. Content marketing allows you and your brand to showcase expertise while providing helpful knowledge that helps visitors to make a purchase decision.

  • Vital during each step of the marketing funnel.

There are three significant areas of your marketing funnel that you need to work on while developing content marketing campaigns. The three areas of the funnel are:

  • TOFU (Top-of-Funnel). The top layer includes prospects. At this stage, content educates and assures them about solutions.
  • MOFU (Middle-of-Funnel). At this stage, content educates prospects/leads about different options, and narrow their choices and reach a purchasing decision.
  • BOFU (Bottom-of-Funnel). Once the prospect/lead reaches the bottom of the funnel, it indicates they are ready to buy. Content at this stage gives a final nudge of encouragement and empowers to execute the purchase decision.

With the reasons outlined above, you will know why content marketing is essential for your business. If you wish to take your brand to newer heights through content marketing, connect with experts. Search for top SEO company in India, now!