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10 Smart Ways To Use Instagram For Driving Website Traffic

Instagram is one of the social media platforms widely used by brands all over the world. Brand owners, marketers, businesses, and people in all industries were drawn into using Instagram to gain more audience engagement. Though Instagram is extremely capable of marketing any product, driving substantial traffic from the channel is a task that people find difficult to do. This article presents some smart ways which help direct more Instagram traffic to your website.  

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Add Description in You Bio

Specifying explicitly as “Link in Bio” in the description while posting content images or stories about a product can give more clicks from people who visit your bio. People would not tend to copy and paste a link into the browser’s address bar. Shorten the URL length using a URL shortener tool and then add it in the description section of the bio. Such a practice can also help you track the number of people who come to visit your site from Instagram. 

Use Branded Links in Bio

The link that you add in your bio is the primary bio that drives website traffic, and so it is necessary to use branded links that feature your brand name, brand keyword, etc. This should be done to increase brand awareness and the valuable trust of your audience. 

Write Catchy Captions 

Writing catchy captions to include in your bio can convince more people to make users visit your website. Event notifications, new blog posts, or a new job opening in your website all types of content that can bear enticing captions.

Include Call to action

Several famous brands reported that their website traffic increased by doing two things. One is scheduling. Scheduling Instagram posts allows you to engage people in real-time. The other is by creating and posting at least one Instagram Story with a call-to-action button, which helps the target audience click the link in the bio to drive traffic to your website. 

Get Inspired From Other Accounts

Curating the perfect high quality gets the attention of your target customers. First, you need to look at some of the popular Instagram accounts that your customers follow. Try putting some content in their pattern with some additional elements to make your post appealing to your target audience. Incorporate some of the ideas that you already used in your regular Instagram feed to get more website traffic.

Don’t Just Sell

Of course, your goal is to increase website traffic using Instagram. But you must do it in a way that provides results that last longer. An intelligent method to follow is to place the content wherever your fans are and use Instagram for PR and branding. Instagram sets its own rules and guidelines, which makes it evident that everyone on Instagram cannot add a link to their bio.

Reuse content 

It is undeniable that Instagram has become a powerful platform to connect with audiences hence increasing engagement. Most people will not look whether you share content that is entirely different from the previous one you shared. Create a standard post in your regular Instagram feed, one in your stories section. After a few days post the standard post with some additional exciting elements to your stories section to keep your Instagram engagement higher for getting more traffic.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to increase Instagram conversions. Decide a strong reason why you want people to visit your website and express that to them in a more convincing way. Accounts with more than 10K followers can use the swipe up option, and accounts with fewer followers can use the link in the bio. But be sure to include all information and the right link which your audience might expect. 

Use Influencers

Identify the right influencer who aligns with your website niche to have more followers that match your interest. Partnering with influencers offers good support to drive website traffic. Instagram Influencer Marketing has been used around the industry by several brands.

Hold Instagram Contests

Instagram contests provide a lot of chances to increase link clicks and send more Instagram traffic to websites. But you need to fill out all the information required to make people click through to visit your site. Freebies are a great mode of encouraging people to visit your site.

Now that you know some excellent ways to bring Instagram traffic to your website, just get started and enjoy the benefits.

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