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4 Smart Ways to Build Powerful SEO Backlinks

So you want to get more backlinks for your website site but you’re not sure how then in this post we are going to show you four powerful ways on how to get high-quality back links to your Web sites so you can rank higher in the Google search engine.

Use Social Signals

You can’t just create a social profile and expect to get a ton of back links back to your Web site or even rankings. That simple link that you add to a social media profile does not help you to rank your website top in search engines. Instead what you need to do is you need to focus on high-quality user engagement metrics such as social shares, comments mentions, likes and re-tweets and things along those lines where your link is actually getting shared throughout different social media platforms. The number one way Google is going to tell if your Web site is social media credible it is they’re going to see how many times your profiles have been shared and how many times the link linking back to your website has been shared.

That is the best way to get more social media engagement for your SEO rankings is when your link on your profile is shared. You can’t simply just create profiles anymore. That doesn’t work. Google doesn’t look at it that way. Instead, they look at it based on user engagement. Try using a social sharing plugin on your Web site that actually gives visitors the options to share on Twitter Facebook Google Plus or any other social media is that they feel they would want to share your content when they read a stunning post or article on your Web site.

Get More Active On Review Generation Web Sites As Well As Online Directories

There’s always been the saying inside of local SEO which is getting as many online directories as you can and you’ll start ranking in the Google search engine although that’s not really true. You have to get more user engagement on those online directories. Let me give you an example of a business that has one review opposed to a business that has 30 reviews on a Web site like Yelp where it’s a directory for their businesses generally are going to receive higher search engine rankings on the search engines.

This is because online search engines such as being Yahoo Google all use Yelp reviews as a determination on where to rank a Web site listing in the search engine results page. So therefore if you have more reviews on these directories not just your Google Profile you’re naturally going to rank higher in those directories the back links from those directories are going to mean more for your business. So get on these directories get on these social media profiles but don’t just do it just for the simple back link do it for the results and the share and the link juice that comes back to your site by getting engagement on these platforms at our agency we pay for a service called the X and site Jabba .

And both tools give us a schema markup that we can actually add to our Web site that displays our name address and phone number. It ultimately displays your reviews inside of the search engine results page if that’s not a reason for you to do it then there’s plenty of more but the key is to start getting engagement on those directory links rather than just setting up those links.

Write A WikiHow Post

Have you ever heard of wikiHow last month they got 38 million visitors on their Web site looking to solve problems that they may have inside of their business or their personal life.

Want to know an easy way to get a ton of mentions ultimately resulting in a ton of back links. Write a post that actually helps the person reading the post. All you have to do is sign up submit your written or video article and get published on wikiHow the result. The moment somebody wants to go in and searched for what to do what, what you just wrote. They’re going to find your post. They’re going to find your Wikihow post and they’re going to start linking to that post ultimately linking back to your Web site using wikiHow is a great way to explain things how to do things visualize things so other people other readers can go to that Web site and mentioned that inside of their posts.

For example if I had a painting Web site and I wanted to teach somebody how to paint the trim of a home I can create a wikiHow post showing detailed step by step instructions with video and pictures on how to do it and other painting Web sites would then see my post on wikiHow and link to it. Now the key there is the syndication of linked use is going from where that publisher links to the wikiHow and the wikiHow links to your Web site. Ultimately flooding your Web site with link juice if you see an article that you already like and it’s relevant to your nature to your audience.

You can simply edit the post by clicking on the edit button on the wikiHow post and simply adding your link. As long as it’s something that is useful for the community wikiHow is quick to take away the link from you. If you’re just linking out to your Web site and they see it as spam or you’re providing no value and a tip on wikiHow is make sure that you’re writing about something that your competitors haven’t already written on. For example, if somebody has already written about painting the trim. Well, maybe I want to say something different maybe I want to talk about painting the garage door in the form of a¬†wikiHow to get more shares more mentions and more back links.

Create Content After Generating Survey Results In Your Local Area Or In Your Market.

How this works is as you can send out a survey to find out a really wanted topic inside of a local area. I’ll give you an example. If your company sells leads to home improvement companies and you want to create content that a home improvement company you want to see. One thing that you can do is as you can create a survey in that local area that asks homeowners on average how much they pay for service a, b and c what this is will do though is it’ll show you on a nice piece of data exactly how much homeowners are willing to pay for that service in which people are going to link out to.

Because every time someone writes a blog and they mention the average homeowner pays X, Y and Z for this service they’re going to link out to your article because you have unique survey data that’s not just written and not just written the typical way SEO optimized you have survey data of people that have said how much they would pay for that type of service. And now other webmasters are going to link to your content because you have that unique piece of data.

Now that you know how to build powerful back links go out implement and get started on getting more rankings using these four simple steps.