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Apple Search launching soon to take on Google?

Is Apple going to jump Google and beat them at their own search game, don’t click is expanding Apple’s racketeering business to include Apple search. This is a significant move from Apple, which is still speculative, but it makes a whole lot of sense when you have two trillion dollars to back it up. This is a broad stroke from Apple that is going to leverage its position as the number one browser in the US.

Safari has a significant lead ahead of Google Chrome.

Significant, but not by much. But when you look at the search eco system, Google has been dominating with a ninety five percent market share.

And this is going to be a significant move because Google had a lot of animosity towards Apple in the very beginning of the App Store and they thought Apple was already going to cannibalize their market share. Well, in this case, they will cannibalize their market share because Apple has been accepting protection money from Google to keep them as the default search engine on safari. Most people, they don’t change the default search engine because Google is a great product and we like to use it because it gives us that answer in one click.

Now, what are we going to do here?

It is unforeseen and how this is going to roll out. But there are some job postings that are specifying how this is going to integrate with maps and a whole other range of Apple products. It looks like the first step is integrating this deeply with Spotlight because thank God Spotlight hasn’t worked for about 10 years. Have you ever open up Spotlight and try to find a file on your desktop and it just gives you some garbage that you never even knew you had on your computer?

Same thing on the iPhone. You try to open up Twitter. It never shows you that Twitter and never shows you the Instagram. It always shows is something else. Like, no, I don’t want it. It is such a terrible product to begin with. I’m really hesitant to say, like, how poorly they can execute Apple Search because look at iCloud. When is the last time you change your iCloud password? Do you even know how damn my grandma even stuck on changing her iCloud password and she doesn’t even know what iCloud is.

So this is going to be a really big shocker from Apple. If they can actually fix spotlight and actually make a pretty decent search product, which is hard to boot because Google has had a 20 year head start on this. But again, they’re taking racketeering money. They’ve got two trillion dollars. Why not? Maybe they can buy the moon next. We’ll see what Apple has to do towards the end of this year.