How To Improve Moz Domain Authority and Page Authority

How To Improve Moz Domain Authority and Page Authority

Does your Web site have high domain authority? Do you want your domain authority to be higher? Or you even know what domain authority is. Today we are going to talk to you about domain authority. How to improve it and really just the whole context of what it is and why it’s important this year.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is a scale created by Mars from 1 to 100 with one or zeroes being the lowest and then 100 being the best that basically tells you the authority of a domain.

Why domain authority important?

The domain authority is the best way to know how good is your website and how well is your site ranking in search engines. All SEO expert check website DA and PA before the site for submission. Google also gives priority to those who have good DA and PA. if your site has good DA and PA then your website will automatically get ranked in search engine.

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What is a good domain authority score?

If you’re in the media and publishing space. The average domain authority is about to eighty-six. If you’re in higher education it’s about 78. If you’re in sports and entertainment it’s seventy-five. If you’re an accommodation and food services at seventy-one if you’re in software and applications it’s sixty-seven. If you’re in health care it’s sixty-seven

If you’re in business services it’s also sixty-seven in retail that’s sixty-four and consumer goods at 64. In construction products it’s sixty-three in real estate it’s sixty-one. In finance and insurance, it’s 60 in wellness is 58.

So how do you find your domain authority?

Well there’s two really easy ways to do it . One is to go to MOZ as link authority and then the other one is to use the MOZ Bar which is an extension that you can add to a browser that’s going to allow you to see that metric very quickly. Whatever web page you’re on.

How do you improve your domain authority?

  • Better content and better optimize your content. That’s always helpful you to improve your domain authority.
  • Audit your backlinks. Work on quality links which pointing at your website. That would be a really good way to work on increasing your domain authority.
  • Build more high quality links. That’s probably going to be the biggest factor when it comes to Increasing your domain authority.

If you can get a really high domain authority than when you publish a new article or when you update a new page with optimization you’re going to rank a lot easier. So with clients and prospects we’re often looking at what is their domain authority what is their page authority and how greater their backlinks and how greater their content. We look at that in comparison to competitors that’s going to give you a great idea of what the opportunity is for search engine optimization.