Increase Your Search Traffic

How to Increase Your Search Traffic in 30 Days

There has to be a way that you can quickly increase our search traffic, right? Well, today I’m going to teach you how to increase your search traffic by 58 percent in 30 days.

In December 2016, I had two hundred and eighty-three thousand visitors in that month from Google. In January 2017, right, which is the next month. I understand December has some holidays like Christmas, but still, overall I had a huge increase. My search traffic in January 2017 went up to four hundred and forty-nine thousand visitors. That’s roughly a 58 percent increase in search traffic. So you may be asking how do I get such a big drastic increase?

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Did they build more links? No. Did Google change your algorithm? No. All that happened was I made one simple change on my Website. So what is this change? Well, my URL structure on my Web site used to be digitalseoguru dot com slash month slash year slash the title of the page or the title of the blog post. And you know what? That you are all structure is very inefficient because Google will look at that URL structure and be like this web page must be related to the date because the date was ahead of the blog title or the page title and the URL structure.

Google looks at the URL structure as a hierarchy, so they’re correlating every single page or blog posts relating to a specific date.

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And that’s very inaccurate because a year from now these blog posts are still relevant. Now my blog posts are digitalseoguru dot com slash blog slash title of the blog posts. That one simple change made Google realize that my blog posts aren’t related to a specific date and my search traffic went up drastically. Now, if you’re gonna do this change on your website because a lot of WordPress blogs have dates and there you URL. Here are a few things you need to know.

Number one, you can’t just change your structure. Get to take all your URLs. And 301 redirect them to your New York URLs.

The second thing you need to do is change all the internal links you have on your website and change them from the old way, which had the dates to the new way without the dates. And the way you want to structure the website is all your blog posts should be under the blog URL structure, all of your other pages should be under whatever structure is most related to them. So let’s say you have this whole other section related to flights that could be domain dot com slash flights slash whatever the page title would be.

So that hierarchy, the folder above your main pages should be related to whatever category it is and that category should be within your URL structure by doing that one simple change. You should get more search traffic. But this one change increased my search traffic more than anything else.