Top Freelance Websites 2019

What’s  up you guys . So this is actually a different style post than our normal posts. I’m going to be covering in sites for freelancing and this is something I have been putting together and actually using it since I have just sort of jumped into the freelancing world. So I wanted to share my findings with you guys.


So the first one and this is one that I actually always go to because it’s super simple and is called Jobspresso like espresso do not need an account for it which is really nice and it has amazing search functionality. Well, actually it takes people from all over the world hence why it is a remote job board. So this is good for all of you international kiddos out there that are reading this.

We Work Remotely

Number two is We Work Remotely and this is also a super simple one. You can just go up there they have the most recent job listings at the very top of the list and you can filter by category you know development, marketing, sales, business, analyst I know all sorts of different things. Design is a great one. I’ve also used this one to get work and it’s a super simple process you can apply right there or you can get a link to the actual job description and apply it that way.

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Next, we have a this is another very simple site to use. Once again it has all the job listings for you. You simply filter by what type of job you’re looking for and you could also go to their remote jobs section.

Working Nomads

Next one we have is Working Nomads. That one is a very similar vibe. They have all the jobs right there listed for you. And they are structured based on when they were posted. So the ones that were posted recently are going to be at the top once again at the top of this screen. You can filter by type of job and department.

Next, we have JustRamote. I definitely like the feel this site in the bright green color. Once again you can filter by the most kind of typical jobs they have developer, marketing, design and then they have like management executive. Once again you can click on one of the buttons and it is going to filter through those particular job descriptions.


Next we have Pangian and this one you actually have to sign up so you can have to put in an e-mail and create an account to sign up for jobs. I did go through the process on their site for this. It’s super simple it’s all you have to do. None of these that I’ve gone through. You have to pay for they are free but some of them you do have to sign up for.

But once you do sign up for it it’s similar to all the other ones you are going to filter by the type of job that you are looking for. And the most recent ones are going to show up for you .


Next we have RemoteOK and this is just to say I am pretty sure these all of these have taken a note on how these other people make their site but you’ll land right on their web page and you can actually just type in a keyword for your job so maybe you’re trying to get into social media or you’re a full developer or Java developer you would type that in and then the most relevant jobs are going to populate towards the top then there is outsource lead .

This is another account where you have to create an account with a password so going entering your email create a password and then once you have your account you can then search for jobs on it. And this one is one that I actually forgot about even using an Angel List and this is one where you do need to create an account but they are going to have also all different types of job primarily for startups. So this is kind of a great way to get your foot in the door if maybe you’re new in the industry and you are wanting to kind of have that like startup remote culture.


And of course, this would not be a list if we did not have Upwork on it. So make sure to check out a parked car. It’s a great place. I’ve actually hired people to do work for me on Upwork. It’s super simple process . All right . So now that you have these top 10 you know free freelancing remote love sites that you guys can use from all over the world . A couple of things to keep in mind when you are submitting resumes and cover letters make sure to use a tool called Grammarly.

This is going to check your grammar and your punctuation. This is very important especially if you are a content marketer or really anybody should know how to spell certain words and use correct punctuation. But if you don’t use it I have a download it is just a simple extension it’s going to highlight read the letters like spell check. Next thing to keep in mind is when you are creating a cover letter for a specific job you are primarily talking about how you are going to be a rock star for that company by fulfilling that job.

So what do you bring to blank company and what are your pre-existing skill sets that are going to reinforce if that makes sense.

Once again if you guys like this post please share and of course subscribe to my blog. Hope you guys have a great day and I will most likely see you tomorrow.