Instagram Marketing

How to Use Instagram Stories To Promote Your Business

Do you think Snapchat is popular? Instagram even more popular than Snapchat. More people are using Instagram stories than they are using Snapchat. Today we are going to share with you how you can use Instagram stories to market your business.

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Build Anticipation

The first thing you could do is build anticipation. When you’re creating stories on Instagram you can  be like, oh, check it out. Hey, this is me. I’m here today with David. And you know what? We’re gonna release some amazing footage and interview material tomorrow. Make sure you check it out. As you’re building up the hype, people keep coming back and you can even tell them that, hey, they can go to your website because that’s where you’re gonna be posting the information. By doing that, you’re gonna get way more traffic to your site and more people coming back.

Instagram Story Tell

The next thing you want to do is story tell. I know that sounds obvious, but a lot of people aren’t story telling throughout their Instagram stories. They’re just randomly taking pictures and videos and they just hope that it meshes together and it makes sense. It’s not just about sharing what’s happening throughout your day. If each of the stories flows with each other, and they make sense, more people are likely to keep watching it and sticking around. As you’re doing that, you’re going to get more followers, more fans and then when you promote your products or services, they’re much more likely to come and buy.

Stories Showcase

And last but not least, throughout your stories showcase what you’re doing, showcase your products that you’re selling your services. Let’s say if you’re providing marketing services you can do a whole Instagram story and show how hey, someone’s use your services and the results that they got. You can show all of this through stories because it’s visual. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to market your business way better using Instagram stories.