What are Advanced Google search operators?

What are Advanced Google search operators?

Google is undoubtedly the most innovative company in the world. They are pumping out new products daily both software and hardware. Their products are both intriguing and exciting but the volume at which the products are released can make it pretty difficult to keep up. Google search operators are an integral part of Google or practically the internet. Most people however do not understand what these search operators are. In this article, we will quickly explore what Advanced Google Search Operators are and their core functions.

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What are search operators?

To understand what advanced Google search operators are, it is important to first have the foundational knowledge of what search operators are. According to Whatis.com, a search operator is described as a character or rather characters used in a search engine to query or narrow down the focus of a search, search operators are an essential tool that enables your search engine to give you accurate results when you punch in a search query. They are an integral part of the search engine and, the better the operators, the more accurate the results that you are likely to get from your search engine

Advanced Google search operators

These are generally special commands or characters that extend and add more capabilities to regular text searches. They modify regular searches. Advanced Google search operators may require additional parameters which may include a domain name. These advanced Google search operators generally narrow searches enabling them to dig deeper into results. This will ensure that your results are accurate.

Uses of advanced search operators

Advanced Google search operators are used for a number of purposes. The main purpose that these advanced Google search operators serve is to refine search queries. Using these advanced Google search operators will narrow down your search results making it easier to get to the information that you are looking for. Advanced Search operators are also important when it comes to SEO audits.

Examples of Advanced Google search operators


Using this command in your search will give you results where the words in your query are part of the URL, this will reduce the number of results that pop up.

 $ / €

Using this operator will only give you results that have prices.

As we wind up, it’s pretty clear that using operators is an important concept you need to master to enable you to get results that are both accurate and concise on the internet. Hopefully, this knowledge will help you to improve the quality of results in your next search!