YouTube Shorts Beta Launches To Takes on TikTok

YouTube has launched a competitor to Tik Tok called shorts. This is going to be a head to head competition for YouTube to remain king of the hill of its media empire and India. This is going to be a massive surge of excitement because in June, the Indian government banned over 100 apps, Tik Tok being one of them from the Chinese mainland. What does this mean? Well, we’ve seen a growing trend of adoption coming from new products from Google, such as Google Eats People cards.

These are article that we covered beforehand. And we’re seeing a lot of interest in Google rolling out their products to the Indian market in order to get the adoption curve high, work out the kinks and then roll it out to other countries in June. This also presented a big opportunity for Instagram Real’s to come onto the stage in July and bring its product. It may have been a pretty cool Tik Tok killer, but it is just like a clone that we’ve seen a lot of the time in these sub multi second video category.

Now, with the adoption of Instagram wheels going global and then rolling it out to more countries as America has started to assert itself as a dominant tech giant by issuing the ban of Tik Tok and putting the shot clock on tick talk to make a decision.

Now, YouTube has saw this as a massive opportunity as well to roll it out to the Indian market because they have a big void and this void needs to be filled. This beta is rolling out exclusively to India to work out the kinks and it’s rolling out on Android first. This is likely because Android is going to be the handset of choice of most Indian consumers, and it’s going to be widely adopted because India and the world at large consumes a ton of YouTube.

So is this a real big threat to Instagram Real’s and Tik Tok? Well, it could be, because if you look at Tik Tok, seven hundred million active users or Instagram’s billion active users combined, they’re still underneath where YouTube stands at two billion active users a month. YouTube does have a dominant force here and it offers a lot of interesting incentives. They’re going to be quick and dirty clips while on Tik Tok and realise it’s mostly real life dance, dance, revolution, and it’s cringe worthy in some cases.

Is it really a great realm to produce high quality content? But if you’re an established YouTube content creator or you want to become a YouTube content creator, those two are going to pair very well because you can create almost these short promos that mesh well with your YouTube catalog. And eventually I can imagine that creators will be able to splice in some of their YouTube content in a short form in order to engage audiences on this medium, to get them over to the long form content.

That bridge hasn’t really been accepted on Instagram and IJI TV. It hasn’t really worked on Tik Tok because of the limitations of 60 seconds. But on YouTube, that is the place you go to consume entertainment and information to get really good details. You can’t get a lot of information in quick tidbits. You want more. And that’s where the whole of the opportunity is for content creators on tick talk and real because no one’s watching long form content there. What is interesting, though, is the monetization components are already present on the YouTube creators side.

So allowing creators to monetize their brief clips not only creates a new opportunity for content publishers to start with their phone and actually build up their presence in the marketplace. But it’s a new new opportunity if you think about the social dynamics and how you can create your authority and presence and actually rise up to the top if you want to be investing into a social network. And YouTube’s already asserted itself as a big factor in the marketplace for high quality content production.

Then you want your high quality content to live in a place where it’s going to get the most eyeballs impressions.

Very bullish about YouTube shorts and bringing it over to the US and Europe and abroad. This is likely going to be an interesting product as Google starts getting deeper and more immersed in maps and how its ecosystem plays together and that social gamification aspect that’s coming out, we’re seeing the brush strokes of what could be decentralised social network by Google when they finally figured it all out. This is not just Google Plus 2.0. This is just all of the cylinders firing and all of them firing at once.

And we’re loving the harmony that we’re seeing. If you’re interested in YouTube shorts or you want to share your YouTube short, I want to check it out because I don’t have access to it. And I’m really excited. I have a bunch of short ideas that I want to launch. So drop me your shorts here below.

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